On May 5th, the third edition of the PWA Mentoring Program officially started with a kickoff workshop. The Program received a lot of interest and this year will involve around 70 women divided in 35 mentor-mentee pairs.

The kickoff workshop was also the occasion for the pairs to meet officially, break the ice and effectively start their relationship Over the next 6 months, from May to December, they will meet to work on professional development objectives defined during the workshop.

Are you wondering how the pairs were matched?
The job of matching was long and carefully thought out.  In March each applicant sent us her CV and the application form, indicating the specific areas in which she desired the support of a mentor: the more details provided, the more likely we were to find a good match with a mentor with the competencies and / or professional background particularly suitable to that specific mentee. Similarly, mentors sent us their experience and their strong areas in which they felt they could contribute. 

We read and re-read all the CVs, forms and information and slowly the individual pairs came to light.  When we were undecided between two mentees with similar requests, the mentee with seniority in PWA membership had priority. 

When mentee requests were a bit vague, if possible we asked for more details in person, in other cases we applied a little common sense and creativity.  At the end of this process, we are satisfied with the matches; the ball is now in the participants’ court.  In addition to compatibility “on paper”, chemistry and openness will make a huge difference. 

If the matches went well, at the end of the program, we will use a feedback survey to understand the extent to which the relationship has helped professional growth and objectives have been achieved within the mentoring timeframe.  Any comments or suggestions for improvement will be useful for next year’s program.

Good luck to all Mentors and Mentees!

For any query: professional@pwa-milan-org or PWA-Milan.org