The remote working revolution

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Flexibility and smart working in SME

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Being a mom in the US

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Great Place To Work and.. Microsoft, again!

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Luxottica: discussion on welfare and performance

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Paternity leave in Italy and the experience of Nestlé

A bit of good news comes these days following the approval by Italian Parliament of the new Labour Law presented by Minister Fornero. The reform, in the “family policies”, introduces […]

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Reinventing yourself

When the Professional Women Association of Milan (PWA) offered me the opportunity to participate to the panel discussion “How to reinvent yourself”, my first reaction was: “What do I have to […]

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Paternity leave in Italy

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The ideal job? It allows to balance work and life

In donnalab’s latest syrvey we tried to understand if women and men have different aspirations with regard to their job. And at what extent it’s correct to consider women as a “diversity”.

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Donnalab meets Stella Mc Cartney: a succesful brand…Moms friendly

Stella Mc Cartney is a fashion brand, created in 2001 by the homonym designer and the Gucci group. In few years Stella proved to be a rising star in the […]

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