What we do

DONNALAB offers consulting expertise to assist companies in the inclusion and development of their talented women.

This is not an ethical or equal opportunity issue but an economic necessity. Understanding gender differences will enable companies to manage mixed teams more effectively and to respond more appropriately to an increasing share of their customer base. Only through a leadership of both men and women able to work together as equals, a healthier, safer, more sustainable model of capitalism is possible. DONNALAB offers consulting expertise to companies in order to attract, retain, develop talented women.
DONNALAB works with companies to minimize the cost of organizational uncertainty associated with the temporary absence of women on maternity leave. Motherhood is generally seen as a time of great stress in business life, when in fact it can be treated like any organizational phenomenon. We have developed an ad hoc model for the management of maternity that provides the structuring of the entire organizational process, from the period prior to absence to the return to work of the mother. Contact us for more details: info@donnalab.it
DONNALAB gives support to Companies willing to implement procedures and practices to promote greater inclusion and professional development of women in the workforce. Our approach provides an initial assessment phase of corporate policies (DONNALAB Gender Check Up) and a subsequent implementation phase of initiatives and indicators (DONNALAB Diversity Tool). Contact us for more details: info@donnalab.it
DONNALAB designes and organizes professional development initiatives aimed at women in the company: seminars, Networking, Mentoring and Coaching programs.

The goal is to increase their level of self-awareness, by stimulating the expression of individual talent and promoting balance between professional  and private expectations. Contact us for more details: info@donnalab.it