Definire e misurare gli obiettivi per il diversity management – Il caso di ABB

Oggi vi raccontiamo l’esperienza di ABB, che non solo condivide il valore della diversity in azienda, ma approccia il tema in modo molto concreto e pragmatico. Ne parliamo con Silvia Parma […]

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L’importanza del networking

Spesso si sottovaluta l’importanza delle relazioni per la propria carriera.

Tutte noi siamo prese da impegni lavorativi e familiari e riteniamo di “non avere tempo” da investire nel networking.
In realtà dobbiamo […]

Mentor Moments- Mentoring Pills

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Flexibility and smart working in SME

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What is Mentoring

Mentoring is a voluntary, developmental partnership through which a person with relevant experience (the mentor) shares her knowledge and skills to support someone else (the mentee) in achieving her career […]

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2012 PWA Mentoring Program Up and Running

Despite the heat and the busy schedule of everyone, PWA Mentoring Program participants are working hard on their professional development objectives!

The Program officially started last May, when the 35 mentoring […]

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Third edition of PWA Mentoring Program officially started!

On May 5th, the third edition of the PWA Mentoring Program officially started with a kickoff workshop. The Program received a lot of interest and this year will involve around […]

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The woman to woman Mentoring program at PWA Milan

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Leading by example: conversation on Women&Career with Theano Lianidou, General Manager at Mars Italia

After a 2011 full of stimuli and meetings with companies that we consider bighting best practices for their attention to employees, and women in particular (read the recent interviews with […]

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#spazioalledonne direttamente dal Forum sulla Leadership Femminile del Sole24Ore

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