Mentoring as a tool toward empowerment: the EU Commision project for women growth

I am very proud to announce that, as PWA Milan, we won a EU Commission grant to promote women leadership across Europe. The ME-TOTEM Project (“Mentoring as a tool toward […]

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Coinvolgere gli uomini nel percorso verso la parità di genere

Un maggior equilibrio di genere nelle organizzazioni porta migliori risultati economici, maggiore creatività, più efficace comprensione della propria base clienti, sfruttamento di un più ampio pool di talenti. A livello […]

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What is Mentoring

Mentoring is a voluntary, developmental partnership through which a person with relevant experience (the mentor) shares her knowledge and skills to support someone else (the mentee) in achieving her career […]

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Collaboration among women: thoughts and ideas

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Third edition of PWA Mentoring Program officially started!

On May 5th, the third edition of the PWA Mentoring Program officially started with a kickoff workshop. The Program received a lot of interest and this year will involve around […]

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Round table discussion on Women’s Leadership with Norwegian Deputy Minister

Last April PWA was invited, along with other major Italian Women Associations, to a round table discussion on Women’s Leadership organized by the Norwegian Office of Trade and Tourism.
The occasion […]

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The woman to woman Mentoring program at PWA Milan

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#spazioalledonne direttamente dal Forum sulla Leadership Femminile del Sole24Ore

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